Fraud in IPC – Fraud definition in IPC

Fraud in IPC – Fraud definition in IPC

Fraud is not defined anywhere in IPC.

However, the word ‘fraud’ ‘Fraudulently’, and  ‘Fraudulent’ has been widely used.

Fraudulently has been defined in Section 25 of IPC.

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Fraud meaning and definition

In the case of Kamlaben Punjabhai Solanki Daughter of deceased Punjabhai vs. Stensile Stree Ltd. Special leave petition No. 3105 of 1998, the Hon’ble Supreme Court defined fraud as:

1. Normally, the meaning of fraud is to cheat the person with a view to gain something.

2. Fraud is an act of deliberate deception with a design to secure something, which is otherwise not true.

3. The expression fraud involves two elements, deceit and injury to the person deceived.

4. It is a cheating intended to get an advantage.

5. Word Fraud means deliberate deception, treachery or cheating which is intended to gain certain advantage.

Mere suppression of a fact is not fraud within the meaning of matrimonial law. [Held by court in Rajaram Vishwakarma vs Deepabai [AIR 1974 MP 52] with reference to Section 12(1)(c) of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955]